psychosomatic  therapy

What Is Psychosomatic Healing Therapy?

Psychosomatic Therapy (often called a healing) is a holistic approach to the prevention and management of human disease based on the bilateral relationship between the mind (psyche) and body (soma). The aim of Psychosomatic therapy is is to bring balance in all areas of our life.

Psychosomatic therapy will help you identify ways to cope with and solve problems in your life.  As you gain a deeper understanding of yourself & your circumstances you will discover that our behaviours and thoughts can have negative and positive effects on our lives.  Our thoughts do influence the mind which as a result can affect our body. Our body and illness can influence our mind and impact our outlook in life.

The therapy  involves an analysis of the body’s emotional anatomy (often called Chakras) which have been determined by an individual’s  environment and emotional state. The therapist will physically and emotionally identify imbalances in the body and the mind, which provide an indication of the repetitive emotional  behaviours.


How does Psychosomatic Therapy work?

Once areas of stress, tension and discomfort are apparent, the aim of the therapist is to restore mental, emotional and physical balance. A combination of techniques is applied including emotional-release bodywork, energy  alignment, yoga movement, breathing techniques and a detailed body-mind analysis and reporting. During the therapy we will  explore the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of you and explore your overall well-being and provide you with an assessment with practical exercises so you can understand and participate in the healing process.

What are the benefits of Psychosomatic Therapy?

Psychosomatic Therapy offers holistic healing techniques which will identify the problem areas in your life  which do hinder your overall health and happiness.  We can all experience misalignment at different times in our life, which  as a result manifest in different parts of ourselves leaving  us feeling stressed and unmotivated,  reverting back to old habits and lifestyle choices that create the problems in the first place.  The aim of the therapy is to bring as much as we can to the surface and begin to work on it together to identify the changes you need to make in your life.

Psychosomatic  Therapy allows the you to have a deeper understanding of your innate tendencies.  The subtle but powerful insights identified  will help create the changes required to achieve greater satisfaction in all aspects of life, including your relationships, occupation and health.


What Will Happen In The Therapy?

A Psychosomatic Therapy session can go for up to two hours.

Make the time to  heal yourself and enjoy the atmosphere with organic medicinal tea and the benefits of aromatherapy in the healing room at the studio. The therapist is a female. Although a mobile service is available it is highly recommended to come into the studio. the mobile services is available by the discretion of the therapist and is completely  depending on the circumstances. The mobile therapy service is an excellent alternatives for people with challenging illnesses and have  special needs who find it difficult to leave the house. If there is an injury or illness that prevents you from travel.  All therapies are confidential and completely private.

A therapy session will involve (in no particular order)

  • If able to -  15 minutes of a very soft slow moving easy yoga tailored to your body and your needs.
  • A physical and emotional anatomy assessment.
  • An energetic anatomy assessment– the chakra system.
  • Look at your Masculine and Feminine energy. (your balance)
  • Look at your inner self and discover a more meaningful, authentic and purposeful life.
  • Discuss self-confidence, boundaries, and self-acceptance.
  • Healing of long standing physical, emotional and mental issues.
  • Healing and transformation of relationships with yourself self and others.
  • Connecting and drawing a chart to  discuss your body's blueprint.


Psychosomatic Therapy