Internet Tuesday 6PM With Susie

Tuesday 6 PM
You will be surprised what your body can actually do when you let go of the mind.

This class can sometimes be a gentle class,  and sometimes it may be a challenging class, and sometimes it can be anywhere in between!!   In this class I like to explore all the different limbering options so you can learn and move your body in the many ways it needs to for you.

I also like exploring yoga postures variations  so we can work together to look at the many ways we can get to massage our internal body organs and the glands.

My aim is to promote health and flexibility not just for our body, but for our emotions, and our mind.As we say in yoga, let the mind go and the body will follow!This class is about you  and allowing yourself to just be you. Oscar Wilde put it so nicely back in 1880 , “Be Yourself, everyone else is already taken”  feeling good and building confidence with yourself, your body, and your abilities .

There is no expectation to achieve, but rather to just let go, and explore yourself.

Teacher: Susie

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