At A Time That Suits::
If You prefer to work regularly with a private class, create and routine, and work with yoga a time that suits you, then private yoga classes are the perfect option.  It is a great way to explore and work with yourself that little bit more, and allows you to deepen your understanding of yoga and how it can work to transform your life.  Private classes are also perfect alternatives for or people who may be advanced in life, or for people who have special needs and find it difficult to join group classes and need that extra time, therapy, and understanding.  You may have an injury, illness, or any condition that prevents you from practicing regular exercise.  Yoga at home is a perfect, gentle way to ease yourself back into a healthy lifestyle.If you are very familiar with yoga or whether you are new to yoga and are thinking about exploring and working on yourself that bit more deeply, then please do not hesitate to inquire.

Yoga Therapist – Private Clases

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