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Since 2001, the yoga therapy clinic in Collingwood has created a dedicated space for healing the body and mind.

Whether it be in one of our  private session or practicing yoga in a group class, the focus is on you and what works for you.   The group classes are limited to a maximum of 6 participants and are fun and easy, but most importantly they are real.  We work with a wide range of  people from all  backgrounds and ages, who are working with their health & well being.

The Clinic welcomes everybody.

We will help you relax, keep fit, be healthy and enjoy life. This age-old system we call yoga is a blend of breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation and conscious movement will give you a healthy body, and a calmer emotional and mental outlook.

It's time to open up your body and mind, it is time to connect with what is really happening in your life, your emotions and with your health.   Yoga therapy covers a broad range of therapeutic modalities, incorporating elements from both physical therapy and psychosomatic therapy.

Take the opportunity to increase your flexibility, heal your self , and well as look and feel your best, both physically and mentally.

My name is Krysto. I started practicing yoga in 1991, later trained as a yoga Teacher specialising in Gita Style Yoga and have taught continuously since. Over the last 20 years  I have successfully completed several post graduate courses, and many of the skills  knowledge and qualifications attained you will find in the private services of this website.  Over  the years I have explored many Yoga “styles”  – some authentic, others quite questionable.

I have learnt to be open minded and enjoy the many aspects of yoga, the wisdom teachings encompassing the Philosophy of Yoga, as well as the physical practices. Teaching yoga is both a joy and an honour. It is truly humbling to observe a deep shift within students, a shift which reignites them, enabling them to live their lives more fully and joyfully. My wish is to pass the gifts of yoga to others, gifts which are the knowledge and the tools to set us free for the rest of this life.

It is not uncommon to lose our vision or sense of purpose in life. Some of us may choose a new path to travel. These are the times we need guidance and tools to simplify the challenges. We all need to create a road map in our mind to regain that sense of purpose or change course with confidence. It will be my pleasure to draw that map with you, and put you in the drivers seat for the rest of your life.

For two decades I have been teaching and mentoring, general public and Teachers. Having the role of a Senior Co-coordinator at an International Yoga School instructing both, Undergraduates and Post Graduate Teachers is one of my greatest rewards.

I have my own private yoga studio in Melbourne Australia where I teach individuals.  Some people have challenged bodies and we work together with therapy and movement. I also work with people that are very flexible such as ballet dancers, and all kinds of athletes and people who are looking for something other than the physical.  I teach mostly private classes but I do have some group classes for the general public. I am also teaching internet classes to all sorts of people for all kinds or reasons.

Whilst yoga is for everyone, the classes I teach offer you the total yoga experience that is personal and private. My aim is to share the insights so you will live more lightly, happily and purposefully.





    Hello, I’m Susie. I was first introduced to Yoga in 2002 by a very good friend who had overcome some challenges in her life by practicing yoga – I was inspired!  I first started my journey learning metaphysical philosophy and the  ancient yogic wisdom’s, which eventually evolved into the practice of yoga and becoming a qualified Gita Style Yoga Teacher.

    In 2004 whilst in my  Teacher training course, many suppressed emotions had bubbled to the surface, such as divorce, single parent and many personal issues. I visited a healer/energy worker who helped me overcome many obstacles.  Upon finishing my Teacher training course, I spent the next 5 years studying and learning the art of healing and psychosomatic therapy.

    Integrating  healing therapy and yoga coupled with all the philosophy I have learnt and practiced has now allowed me to create a unique healing therapy and yoga style of my own.  Knowing how to connect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies  is so important for the complete healing process, which is what I incorporate into all my classes and private appointments.

    Learning how  to harness your energy  instead of just living your life is so important.  I am able to steer my life in the direction I want my life to go. When  teaching a class  or when I am training an undergraduate yoga teacher, I am able to share and  synthesise my wisdoms and experiences with the hope that they will take something away with them.   Not sharing  what I know and who I am  would never work if I was to be true to myself or  my students.

    I have been teaching yoga for over 16 years, and still in every class I teach I am always amazed to see how my students transform, what a pure joy it is to see people open up, grow and establish a sense of control over themselves and their lives.

    Through my life challenges and experiences, I have learnt to be compassionate, understanding, loving, nurturing, and strong. I am able to work with a broad spectrum of bodies and minds. My many years of teaching  and healing has taken me to some wonderful places and has given me the privileged to meet some very beautiful people. I am looking forward to meeting you too.

     What we Teach

    The style of Yoga practiced and taught by us is Raja Yoga/Gita Style yoga, which is a form of a Hatha Yoga.  The word Raja as in the word Maharaja, means the royal great king.  Raja Yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga true to what the principals of yoga is. It is Commonly known as  the yogic royal path.

    Once upon a time it was only Raja yoga was only taught to the rich and elite participants of yoga and was always kept esoteric and spoken in Sanskrit.

    The practice of Raja Yoga/Gita Style Yoga is a combination of :

    • Limbering and Stretching - to open up the body and  work on flexibility.
    • Pranayama - breathing exercises and conscious control of the breath.  When you have control of your breath you have control of your life.
    • Hatha - which literally translates to physical movement of the body.  Consciously placing ourselves in yoga postures and work with the mind (Asana).
    • Meditation - to quieten the mind from internal thoughts.
    • Relaxation - (Nidra) to dissolve stress and tension from the body, and release the old suppressed thoughts and feelings from the subconscious.
    • Mental & Philosophical Application  - understanding what you are doing, why you are doing it and understanding how to make yoga work for you, and how you can incorporate your own understandings and beliefs you have, into your practice and into your every day living.

    Raja yoga has no guru, it is not following a religion, there is no chanting, there is no worship or Indian based beliefs.  It is about you being in control of your life, your body, your mind and your own energy, hence the kingly path, a king is the ruler of his domain.

    Multiple studies have confirmed the many mental and physical benefits of yoga. Incorporating Yoga into your routine can help enhance your health, increase strength and flexibility and reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.

    The proper practice of yoga  will help to rewire and change your brain.  That means that whatever you think, perceive and feel (whether intentional or unconscious) while you are practicing yoga is essentially training your  brain to think, perceive and feel in these new ways.  Your mind and body are essentially rewiring when you practice yoga.  Regular practice with meditation is the proven way that helps you to keep your thoughts positive.

    The Gita style of yoga is very special, not only because of the medicinal and therapeutic remedies, it is special because it works on the whole brain and body.  The Gita style yoga will specifically target the endocrine glands, otherwise known as the glands that produce and balance your hormones.

    A wise Yogi described the  hormones as our glands of destiny.  Hormones make us who we are, how we feel,  how we think, how we look and how we respond to ourselves, the people in our lives, and the world around us. When our hormones are out of whack, so are we, hence the glands of destiny, what do you want to feel, who do you want to be , and what are you doing today which create tomorrows destiny?

    With regular practice you will  become healthier and more aware of self, you will become more relaxed and relieved from tension and stress.  As a result you will become more confident, inspired and in control of your self and your life.

    if you  You want to know more about our lineage and the history of yoga in Australia ?

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    Senior  Yoga Teachers Trainers & Mentors

    For Qualified Yoga Teachers  & Student Teachers In Training Who Are Looking To Advance and Upgrade Their Teaching Skills.

    We offer group & private classes to the public:  please see timetable.

    Some of the Things we do:

    01. We will help you recognize that yoga is more than just a physical set of movement and exercises and knowledge of anatomy.  Your yoga class should be more than a just a physically based experience for your students.

    02 . We will teach you how to prepare a yoga class.  This will enable you to build a class plan so you can teach a meaningful, metaphysical  class to your students.   This  will  assist you in guiding your students to create their own goals and life's purpose.

    03.  Yoga is 50 percent physical and 50 percent mental. Understanding each side  will  allow you to have the confidence to teach a sound and meaningful class which will build good relationships with your students.

    04.. We facilitate  training workshops which  explore the physical, emotional and mental aspect of yoga.

    Places We Have Taught

    Over the past 20 years we have  taught in a variety of organizations  in Australia including:

    Yoga Centers & Fitness Centers
    Physiotherapy Centers
    Private Education System
    Victorian State Library
    St. Vincent's Hospital
    Turning Point (drug & alcohol center)
    Banking and Finance Organizations
    Health & Yoga Council of Australia
    Australian Customs
    Australian Federal Police
    Australian Taxation Office
    Victorian Correctional Services
    National Yoga At The Parks Summer Program
    Department of Employment Education & Training Services Victorian Government
    Commonwealth Serum Laboratories
    Local Community Centers
    Countless Private & Public Classes

    These classes proved invaluable for students seeking respite from stressful jobs or the fatigue which accompanies many workplace environments.